Technical Context

Databrick consists of technology both local in the home as well as services in the cloud and making use of devices such as your phone to access. Securely holding data close to where is has the most context and securely accessible to those who have rights of access.

By working with people who already provide hardware into the home, broadband and telecoms as well as smart meters we will look at the hardware options to record and hold close this data as well as allow for controlled access for those that need and have the correct rights.

Designed with privacy protections forefront as well as models on how to make the relevant data objects useful to multiple actors in clear, auditable and secure ways.

We will be exploring:

  • secure computing
  • homomorphic encryption
  • other models of securely searching encrypted data
  • secure auditing
  • as well as the user experience in managing complex access permissions and rights in a shared ownership and control environment.

These are areas where we hope to develop and contribute new, usable, technical insights on how these technologies can be deployed in the home.